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What are Houses at CGS?

The pastoral care system of the school is bases around the operation of the House system. Currently there are 8 School Houses that exist, one of them being Clifford – the first to have an online portal. Each house is built from approximately 80 students, 6 tutor staffs and 1 Housemaster. House activities are regularly organised throughout the year which includes sporting and cultural events, as listed above. With so many happenings, this project has been developed to enhance the communication between members by utilising the technology that surround us.

The 8 Houses are:

  1. Bridgland - "The Bridgland Blue" Magazine
  2. Clifford - "Clifford Portal" Website
  3. Derham - "The Drum" Magazine
  4. Macneil
  5. Schofield - "Magenta Magazine"
  6. Summons
  7. Robinson - "The Robinson Rag" Magazine
  8. Steven - "The Eagle" Magazine

Clifford House History:

From Page 33 of the School Diary

MR. Bruce Clifford, an Old Boy and Life Governor of the school, attended Camberwell Grammar School from 1927 to 1937, and has had three sons also graduated through the School. He joined the School Council in 1964, and became Treasurer in 1968, a position he held until 1985. A Commerce graduate from Melbourne University, he was for many years Company Secretary of Associated Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd. During his 17 years as Treasurer, Mr Clifford was actively involved in the School's continuing expansion, particularly in the purchase of the adjoining properties of Kingussie, Walsh Street and Norge. It is a tribute to his calm direction that one of the new Houses was named after him.


It is our honor to welcome you, epesically all present past Clifford Student and CGS Staff, to our new community - The Clifford Portal.

Here we will share the memories, learn about other members and connect to be a more unified House. More here.

The mission is to engage as many Clifford Members to boundlessly collaborate with each other, in a home that reflects Camberwell's values.